Perceived only as a mere destination for summer vacation, Tunisia is a country full of surprises for those who want to venture beyond its sandy shores. Here you can have vast dunes of Saharan sand, the culture-specific to North Africa, ancient ruins full of history, and exotic cities… all in one country called Tunisia. Located on the southern shores of the Mediterranean, Tunisia is accessible and blessed with a warm sunny climate, making it an ideal destination all year round.

  • 8 Days/7 Nights

  • Price on request


Tunis – Carthage – Sidi Bou said – Bulla Regia – Dougga – Kairouan – Gafsa – Sbeitla – Tozeur – Mides – Chebika – On Jemel – Douz – Chott El Jerid – Ksar Ghilane – Chenini – Tataouin – Matmata – Sfax – E Jem – Monastir – Hammamet –  Bardo Museum – Medina of Tunis

  • Learn about the origins and history of the ancient Punic, Berber and Roman settlement​ of Bulla Regia

  • Explore to the whitewashed Moors village of Sidi Bou Said, stroll along the narrow streets to see the magnificent view from the cliff and later relax with a mint tea at the famous Café Sidi Chabaane.

  • It’s hard not to be impressed by the remains of the Roman city of Bulla Regia, What makes them particularly unique are the two-story dwellings dotted throughout. Find out more during your tour…

  • Experience Star Wars film locations in Douz

  • Enjoy a camel ride through the dunes in Douz

  • Adventure in vast salt lakes, the palm-fringed respite of desert oases, rocky coastlines lapped by azure water – Tunisia has a wealth of incredible landscapes.


Arrival at Tunis Carthage International Airport. Our professional guide will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel, depending on your time of arrival, You will begin with a tour to Carthage. It was once the center of the Carthaginian Empire, set up in 814 BC as Rome’s biggest rival.
Who has not heard of Hannibal and this city who dared brave the might of Rome? Now the ruins of both these great empires lay open to the sun and wildflowers. There will be visits to the gigantic Punic Ports, the Antonin Baths, the Tophet as well as the Theatre.
Your next stop is the Moorish village of Sidi Bou Said. It is located 20 km (12.5 miles) north of Tunis, the Tunisian capital.
Previously, the village was popularly known as Jeba el-Menar. Its current name is in honor of a Tunisian religious figure, Abu Said al-Baji, who lived there between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. He was a Sufi Wali (Islamic Spiritual leader) who was born in 1156. He moved to Jeba el Menar – current day Sidi Bou Said – in 1207.
From as early as the twelfth century, the city of Sidi Bou Said has attracted tourists from all over the world. Religious leaders, governors, artists, and wealthy individuals have all fallen in love with the blue and white village and built residences there.
The Mausoleum of Abu Said al-Baji offers great sightseeing views. This site offers incomparable views of the Carthage, the Gulf of Tunis, and the capital itself, Tunis.
Visit the Barron d’Erlanger’s house at the Palace of Enejma Ezahra and admire the stunning Arabic-Andalusian décor.
Free time in Sidi Bou Saïd to sip a mint tea at Café Sidi Chabaane or stroll along the narrow streets to see the magnificent view from the cliff. The most adventurous will have the opportunity to try the famous chicha (Waterpipe). Overnight at Majestic Hotel. (L, D)

After breakfast, You set off to Bulla Regia located 160 km to the west of Tunis. Bulla Regia is a charming Roman city that houses temples, villas, baths, basilicas representative of Roman architecture. Another attraction here is the underground dwellings used by the rich inhabitants of that time to avoid the heat.
We then continue with a visit to the most beautiful archaeological site with Roman ruins, Dougga which formerly called Thugga. The complex of about 75 ha has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1997. The well-preserved Theatre, grandiose Temple of Celeste, theatres, and the many baths reflect the high standard of living of its 5,000 inhabitants.
Lunch and then continue to the final destination of today-Kairouan-the oldest Arab-Muslim city and also the holy city of Maghreb, for faithful pilgrims seven pilgrimages to Kairouan equivalent to a pilgrimage to Mecca.
The important sites are the Great Mosque, which was established in 670 AD and is an important reference Pointin Islamic architecture, Sidi Sahbi mausoleum (or the Mosque of the Barbier) which dates from the 17th century and contains a Madrasa, (school for religious instruction), and the Aghlabide pools built by the Aghlabite rulers to bring water to the town, these represented one of the most important pieces of hydraulic engineering of the Middle Ages. You can also visit a carpet-making workshop where you can observe, admire, and learn about this ancient artisan work. Dinner and accommodation at Hotel Kasbah Kairouan 5* or similar Kairouan. Dinner at the hotel, open buffe. (B, L, D)

After breakfast, You head for Kairouan which is the fourth holiest city of Islam after (Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem), Kairouan is an important religious pilgrimage site, and for history lovers, one of Tunisia’s star tourist attractions. We will start the day with a guided tour through the old Medina to visit the Grand Mosque built by Arab General Uqba Ibn Nafa in 670 B.C., which attracts visitors by its spiritual value and magnificent architecture that served as a model for many Maghrean mosques. Also, here we visit the ingenious work of hydraulic engineering aghlabide basins, a large water tank consisting of two large basins and several tanks built in Sec IX, the main source of drinking water of the community.
You then continue to Gafsa– the “capital” city of South Tunisia, a city located in a valley bordered by mountains that at sunset take the orange color. We serve lunch in Gafsa and then head south where we will arrive in the evening in Tozeur, oasis city in the desert. Dinner and accommodation at Hotel Ksar Rouj* or similar Tozeur. (B, L, D)

After breakfast, embarking on 4X4 vehicles, You set out to discover the mind-catching desert landscape with a foray into the Kebika oasis, and Tamerza Canyon. We continue in 4X4 jeeps in places that will remind us of Luke Skywalker-the most famous Jedi Knight-where the famous Star Wars movie was filmed. You return to Tozeur and, after a delicious lunch, You will continue to the largest salt lake in Tunisia Chott el Djerid with the mirages in white and pink colors and its endless views it offers. You arrive at Douz, the Sahara Gate, where you can take, optionally, a camel ride and have the rest of the day at our disposal. Dinner and accommodation at Hotel Sun Palm 4* or similar Douz. Dinner at the hotel. (B, L, D)

After breakfast drive across the beautiful salt flats of Tunisia. Located between the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert and near the Algerian border, Chott El Djerid is unmissable on the Tunisian map. The name can be translated from the Arabic into English as “Lagoon of the Land of Palms”. Chott El Djerid is the largest salt lake on the African continent. With a surface area of more than 7 000 km² (2,700 sqm). Due to the extreme climate with annual rainfall of only 100 mm and temperatures reaching 50 °C, water evaporates from the lake. In summer Chott el Djerid is almost entirely dried up, and numerous Fata Morganas occur. Earlier, many caravans were led astray by the mirages out on the chott. Souvenir stalls and cafés are found all along the causeway. Chott el Djerid was also used as a filming location for the Star Wars series.

Your next stop is the town of Douz. Douz is a fruitful oasis known as the “Gateway to the Sahara”. In fact, it is the most important oasis south of the Chott Djerid and is extremely popular with tourists, particularly at festival time. The town is one of the largest oasis settlements in Tunisia with around 12,000 residents, but palm trees still outnumber the locals by around 25 to 1! The palm forest is a remarkably interesting place to visit, and it also produces an assortment of fruit, vegetables, and dates. We visit the local market for a view of the many handcrafts created by talented local craftsmen. Activities such camel riding, or an adventure walk out into the dunes are in place in Douz (optional and payable locally). You will be transferred by 4×4 to desert camp Zemela, 20 km from Ksar Ghilane, for the sunset and overnight in the desert. (B, L, D)

If the expression “to go to Tataouine” gives the impression of an interminable journey from Europe, nothing could be easier than spending a weekend in this region when living in greater Tunis, with the assurance of change of scenery as a bonus.
One of the jewels of this region is Chenini, a troglodyte village and its “perched” mosque. The oasis of Tataouine is located 530 kilometers south-east of Tunis, it is a staging post on the caravan route, its name means “water source” in Berber: tittawen. The main interest of the city is its colorful souk, but it is above all the starting point for the ksours and ancestral villages, lost in the middle of sublime landscapes.

Chenini, Berber-speaking troglodyte village overlooked by a citadel ksar, or kalâa, perched on a hill about 500 meters above sea level, it is a former storage place for food reserves and valuable goods, the ksar also served as a refuge in the event of an attack. Like the ksour of Douiret or Guermessa, it allowed the Berbers to maintain themselves, while establishing clientele and protection relations with the Arab tribes. Chenini is also the name of one of the moons of Luke Skywalker’s planet in Star Wars many of which are filmed in the region. In Chenini explore Chenini’s labyrinth and follow your guide in a cultural and historical adventure. In Tataouine visit the market, stroll through the busy alleys, and feel immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of the local life.

Continue on to Matmata. Matmata is so great that it is about to become destroyed. The town is a must-see for tourists who visit Tunisia and, from early morning till late afternoon, bus load after bus load arrive in this small village.  Matmata’s fame comes from the unusual houses – instead of building the houses, they were dug vertically into the ground. One of these troglodyte houses was used as Luke Skywalker’s house in the original Star Wars film. Overnight is in Sfax Occidental Sfax or Center Hotel. (B, L, D)

After breakfast You head for Sfax the second largest city of Tunisia, housing around 400,000 inhabitants. Tunisians in general consider people from Sfax as excellent merchants and as more hardworking than Tunisians in general. And the University of Sfax is better than the two of Tunis. True or not, we do not know.
In Sfax, You explore the Medina which is one of the most noticeable sights within Sfax. The medina is Tunisia’s finest living and working medina, with a historic kasbah (walled castle) that overlooks the city.
You continue your tour to visit the Roman Colosseum in El Jem which is one of the best preserved in the world. But is the colosseum in El Jem better than the colosseum in Rome?
Rome and Tunisia have the two greatest ancient amphitheaters in the world. Is one more worth visiting over the other?
The Colosseum of El Jem has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site (in 1979) which is one year before the historical center of Rome, where the Colosseum is situated.
The two amphitheaters have a lot in common. They are among the largest in the world, and thanks to their excellent state of preservation, both allow us to imagine the famous circus games that brought great excitement to the Roman people across the whole empire.

Continue on with a drive to Monastir, The birthplace of the first president of Tunisia, Habib Bourguiba, and once a Punic commercial harbor and one of the earliest Islamic towns in Tunisia. Explore the Ribat, an 8th century fortress built by the Arabs, which now houses the National Museum for Islamic Art. Also visit the Mausoleum of former President Habib Bourguiba and his family.

You move on to Sousse which is one of the oldest cities in North Africa, you will visit the second most famous archaeological museum in Tunisia – the Sousse Museum – which is housed in the 11th century Kasbah. This impressive museum contains an extensive collection of Roman mosaics and artifacts that date back to the second century B.C. You will then take a walk through the old town and its medina and lose yourself in its souks. Overnight in Hammamet Golden Tulip Taj Sultan Hotel*5 or similar. Dinner buffe at the hotel. Hammamet – Thanks to its beaches, it is a popular destination for swimming and water sports and is the primary tourist destination in Tunisia. (B, L, D)

After breakfast you will visit you head to Tunis and visit the Bardo Museum and the medina of Tunis.
The Bardo museum is housed in the bey of Tunis’ former palace. Famous for its Roman mosaics taken from archaeological sites all over the country, it is widely considered one of the best collections in the world. Just when you think that you have seen the best, the next room reveals something even more wondrous! Though the Bardo is primarily about mosaics, it also houses the most important finds from Tunisia’s archaeological sites.
Continue to the Medina (the heart of historic Tunis) one of the best-preserved Islamic cities in the world. Walk through the meandering streets, viewing the architecture of some residential quarter, as well as the activity and excitement of the souks. Also see the great Mosque of Djamaa-ez-Zituna, walking through Souk Eshawasheen (Traditional Cap Makers Market) and Souk El Attarine (Traditional Perfume Market).
Opening days: Everyday, except Mondays
At the end of your tour, our guide will then transfer you to the Carthage International Airport for your departure flight. (B)

Day 1: Accommodation in Tunis -Hotel Majestic 4*

The 4-star Majestic Hotel Tunis is set 1.2 km to Avenue Habib Bourguiba and approximately a 16-minute walk from Al-Zaytuna Mosque. Boasting location next to Central Market, the hotel offers 77 rooms together with a lounge bar onsite.

Some of the air conditioned units feature complimentary WiFi and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels as well as a mini bar fridge, coffee and tea making equipment. These spacious units are furnished with sound-proofed windows along with a sofa set and a work desk. Providing a separate toilet and a shower, the bathrooms are equipped with hairdryers and bathrobes.

This comfortable hotel serves a buffet breakfast every morning. The on-site bar features a piano and a lounge. Chicken-House offers a selection of dishes a 5-minute walk away.

This Tunis hotel provides cots and babysitting for families with children. A spa salon will surely help you switch off. There is a 24-hour business centre available for corporate travellers.

The accommodation is placed about 0.5 km from Carthage airport and a few minutes’ walk from the shoe store “Central Parc”. Guests can reach the centre of Tunis within 15 minutes’ walk. This comfortable hotel is located a mere 1.1 km from Square of the medina. Habib Bu Ruqaiba bus station is in 10 minutes’ stroll from Majestic Hotel.

Check-in: from 07:00 until 12:00
Check-out: from 04:00 until 14:00

Day 2: Accommodation in Kairouan -Hotel La Kasbah  5*

ISO 9001 version 2008 (accommodation and catering) & ISO 22000 version 2005
Hotel La Kasbah Kairouan is located in the heart of the holy city of Kairouan.
This hotel, both luxurious inside, and sober outside, blends into the Arab-Muslim architecture of the city of Kairouan.
The hotel, of very recent construction, incorporates some old wings that have been restored, such as the Moorish café, of exceptional beauty.

Rooms & Suites

La Kasbah, a world-class 5-star hotel in Kairouan, has 94 rooms, 2 junior suites, and a presidential suite. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, international telephone, mini-bar, private safe, bathroom, and separate toilet.

Number of rooms: 97  Number of beds: 202  Double rooms: 97  Single rooms: –  Presidential suite: 1  Junior suite: 2

Standard Rooms

All rooms at the hotel La Kasbah Kairouan are equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, international telephone, a mini-bar, a private safe, a bathroom, and a separate toilet.

Hotel Services

Swimming pools: A large outdoor pool and a children’s paddling pool.
Moorish coffee: Turkish coffee, mint tea, and Tunisian pastries.
Bar: Refreshing drinks.
Wellness area (renovated): Moorish and relaxing bath.
Barrouta: A reception room where various refreshing drinks are served.
La Chicha: Moorish café where Turkish coffee, mint tea, Tunisian pastries, and hookah are served in an exceptional setting.

Seminars & Events

Ideally located in the heart of the medina of Kairouan, this charming hotel of large proportions, with personalized and luxurious rooms, is the rendezvous of elegance and comfort.
It offers a perfect setting for the organization of seminars, meetings, and banquets with a room for up to 150 people, a 650-seat caïdal tent (December 2008), and a terrace of the same capacity for banquets around the pool.

The hotel has two restaurants, one à la carte, a lobby, and a Moorish café as well as a wellness center.


Hotel La Kasbah has a main restaurant, Rakada, with 300 seats, and an à la carte restaurant, Sofra. The cuisine is international with local specialties.

Day 3: Accommodation in Tozeur – Ksar Rouge Hotel  4*

At the gates of the Tunisian Sahara, on the heights of Tozeur oasis, overlooking the palm grove and the Great Salt Lake (also called Chott el Jerid), The Ksar Rouge hotelis built in an Andalusian style. The hotel is located 10 minutes away from the airport.


The accommodation part of the hotel offers three levels:
– Ground floor (reception level)
– Upper garden (pool level)
– Lower garden (garden level)
Its 134 rooms and 8 suites (junior and senior) are equipped with air conditioning, telephone, satellite TV, mini bar, hair
dryer, separate toilet, bath, balcony, view of the pool or palm grove.
Different kinds of accommodation are available : double, triple, quadruple, double and a child, connecting rooms, and even duplex apartments consisting of two bedrooms. Free services are available at the reception of the hotel:
currency exchange, Internet and safes.

Catering and bars

The Ksar Rouge hotel offers several dining venues for a variety of menus:
– A main restaurant with breakfast buffet, table service at
lunch, buffet or table service at dinner.
– Theme Nights three to four times a week.
– A snack bar by the outdoor pool.
– A main bar near the reception, and a Moorish café for a more cozy atmosphere.

Sports and entertainment

The Ksar Rouge Eldorador Hotel is a resort hotel and offers as
such entertainment and sports areas:
– An outdoor infinity pool.
– An indoor pool heated in winter.
– Two tennis courts quick (rackets and balls on request,
lighting fee)
– A Beach Volleyball ground.
– A play area for Petanque.
– Other activities: Table tennis…
– A nightclub

The hotel also offers activities for children:
– The outdoor pool has a paddling pool for children.
– The Mini Club is a separate building in the form of a small house, open during the school holidays, which offers supervised activities for children.
– Babysitting, extra charge service, on request.

Professional events, Golf, Wellness

The Ksar Rouge hotel offers the following amenities:
– A convention center for meetings and conferences of your business or association events.
– A spa center to benefit from wellness treatments.
– Golf : within the beautiful Oasis of Tozeur, between thedunes and the palm grove discover a 18 holes course (planned extension to 36 holes).

Day 4: Accommodation in Douz – Hotel Sun Palm  4*

Discover in Douz a dream landscape on the edge of the desert.
You will experience exceptional moments in the natural setting in which the hotel Sun Palm Douz is located.
The Sun Palm Hotel will be your oasis to recharge your batteries after a day of off-road car or camel rides.

Rooms & Suites

The Sun Palm Hotel in Douz offers 127 rooms and 2 suites, with air conditioning, telephone, satellite TV, and bathroom.
“Spending a night in the desert is always a wonderful experience. The Sun Palm Hotel in Douz (, organizes private camps in the first dunes of the Great Eastern Erg We are treated like a prince by the two camp managers and we spend the evening under the stars enjoying the great peace of the desert


Swimming pool: large freshwater pool.
Hammam: Turkish bath with multiple benefits.
Algo-therapy: A specialist in algo-therapy offers you a cure based on seaweed for a stay or a successful thalasso weekend in Tunisia.
Leisure: Table tennis, billiards, carriage, or camel rides.
Douz Festival: The Douz Festival held at the end of each year is an opportunity for any visitor to discover the traditional life of nomads. In addition to equestrian exercises and fantasias, the festival organizes races of desert greyhounds (Slougui) and meharis.


Certified ISO 9001 version 2008 and ISO 22000 version 2005
Sun Palm Douz is ISO 9001 2000 certified (Reservation, Reception, Accommodation, Catering, and Outside Catering) with accreditation by Cofrac and Ukas.


  • Visa support if required

  • Airport Transfer

  • Accommodation

  • All meals

  • Transportation

  • English speaking local guide

  • Entrance fees

Not Included

  • International Flight(s)

  • Extra services in hotels such as phone calls, laundry, and room service…Etc.

  • Personal spending

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