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Tripoli 21.12.2014 
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Libya Weekly Security Update

Security Update –24 October 2014

Dear Shewes Travel readers, we advise you to read the security report before travelling to Libya.

Regional update

Tripoli, the West and South
Tripoli has returned to almost complete normality, indeed in many regards it is quieter (in a positive way) than it has been since the revolution. Whilst most Western embassies have yet to return given the continuing split (and it must be noted the risk of further associated violence) there are positive indications that international flights will become easier. Basic but worthwhile attempts have been made to increase the capacity of Mitiga Airport and air traffic control systems are again fully functioning. The Libyan owned Afriqiyah Airways has developed on a pre-existing agreement with an Irish company to allow for the re-start of flights from Europe to Misrata. It is understood that London will not be an initial destination but that Dusseldorf will be. In addition it is likely that both Turkish Airlines and Air Malta will also soon resume flights.

Recent heavy fighting in Kikla (150km south of Tripoli) between Zintani militia and non-Misratan elements of the Misratan-led alliance underlines both the fragility and complexity of the current situation. Kikla is of strategic importance with its position at the beginning the major route between Jabal Naffusah towns and its relative closeness to Tripoli.

The East
Intense fighting has continued in Benghazi with forces loyal to General Hafter seemingly making some territorial gains in recent days. Tobruk remains peaceful and with relatively easy international flight access. Operation Dignity and the al-Thinni Government have suggested they are preparing for an advance on Tripoli, however this appears unlikely to materialise in the short term.

Libya Weekly Oil Report – 24 October

Political and OPEC
With Libyan crude continuing to break back into the Mediterranean market, neither side in Tobruk or Tripoli are willing to endanger the revenues that accrue from crude sales and on which the entire structure of salaries and subsidies in Libya is dependent. The 11-month blockade and the strangling of state finances remains a stark warning for all sides. The political scuffle over the position of oil minister has yet to translate into difficulties at an operational level. The NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanalla and the rest of the board have accommodated Oil Minister Mashallah al-Zawie in taking the office of oil minister (al-Zawie is the Oil Minister in Hassi’s Misratan led-alliance government based in Tripoli). It is notable that all board members remain in position.

Ahead of the next OPEC meeting in Vienna National Oil Corporation (NOC) officials have asked the oil body to cut its oil output by at least half a million barrels, arguing that Libya should remain an exception to any OPEC cut given the current state of instability in the country. However an OPEC cut is unlikely as key member Saudi Arabia has quietly informed several market players that it is happy with lower oil prices.

The NOC is struggling to further recover production and exports and is virtually powerless to ensure any output target while forced to fire fight intermittent shutdowns at its facilities arising from industrial protests or fighting between militias (due in large part to Libya’s political split). Currently the NOC is trying to negotiate with protesters at the Gialo and Abu Attifel oil fields operated by state Waha Oil Co. and Italian oil major Eni respectively. Abu Attifel has not reopened since the end of the 11-month oil blockade. Protests appear to be over lack of job opportunities, a common cause of disruption in the energy sector since the 2011 revolution.

As Bloxtons reported in its 10 October issue a public spending authority under auspices of the General National Congress in Tripoli had placed a public sector wide payment limit of 200,000 Libyan Dinar. Payments above that amount can only be made if authorisation is first gained. The impact on NOC was disproportionally higher as the payments they make are on average much larger. The authorisation process had led to delays in payments which had resulted in the need to extend credit lines with international refined product suppliers. However it is likely the NOC will be able to receive credit terms despite the political turmoil. Some of Libya’s product suppliers, who are also long-term buyers of Libyan crude, had previously offered credit lines during the 11-month oil blockade.

Mellitah Oil and Gas Company have fixed a technical issue on the Greenstream pipeline supplying gas from Libya to the Italian mainland which reduced flow. Greenstream connects Mellitah in Libya with Gela in Sicily and has annual capacity of 8 billion cubic meters. Flows crashed in early October from 24 million cubic meters to 2.7 MMcm on 3 October before stopping completely on 4 October. Data from Italian grid operator Snam Rete shows gas flows had climbed back to 25 MMcm by 14 October.

Oil price and production
The NOC has also said in a statement on its website that the sharp drop in the oil price recently had “negatively affected the state budget”. Stating that “The decline in crude oil prices on the global market to very low levels is reflected in the income of all producing countries and oil exporters, including the state of Libya, given that export of crude oil is the only source of income for the Libyan state”. Provisional estimates are that Libya’s budget deficit could double to 19 billion Libyan Dinars ($15 billion) this year due to the blockade and ongoing political strife.

To re-enter the Mediterranean crude market Libya has already had to lower prices for its barrels with long-term buyers as its prolonged absence saw Nigerian sweet crude displace it.

But long-term, Libya’s production woes may be likely to continue. Although the output target of 1 million barrels a day, set by Tobruk based Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni for the end October, is not inconceivable by year-end, concern lingers over the state of the oil sector amid the political turmoil. According to an NOC planning official output currently hovers around 800,000 b/d but national energy policy remains in limbo as rival governments attempt to direct the NOC.

NOC officials and reservoir engineers have voiced concerns over the integrity of reservoirs at major oil fields such as the Eni-operated 130,000 b/d Elephant field and the Spanish Repsol-managed El Sharara field which at capacity can pump between 340,000-350,000 b/d. Other issues concern infrastructure – upgraded power plants are required at fields operated by both state Zueitina Oil Company and Waha in the eastern Sirte Basin.

Waha, a joint venture of NOC, with US Marathon, Hess and ConocoPhillips is producing again but has had to delay two major upstream developments designed to boost output to 600,000 b/d by 2017 due to security concerns.

Long-term improved oil recovery and enhanced oil recovery projects planned to boost state oil production by state subsidiaries Arabian Gulf Oil Company, Zueitina, Waha and Mellitah Oil and Gas have all had to be postponed. The 2.2 million b/d target, previously set by NOC in late 2012, remains a distant dream at present, but were a political solution to be reached, it might still be obtainable.

Meanwhile Libya has focused on the short term, content to be able to export its crude. Shipping data reveals oil majors have continued to lift (or have scheduled liftings of) crude cargoes for this month. With latest shipping data revealing Austria’s OMV, Tamoil, Italy’s Saras and Guernsey-registered and Swiss-based Petraco all lifting crude cargoes from offshore Bouri and unspecified onshore ports. Long-term buyers include Italian oil major Eni and Mediterranean-based refiner Saras, China’s Unipec, Spanish Cepsa and France’s Total.

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Al Kabir Hotel**** - Tripoli /Closed for renovation.
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Al Saraya Hotel*** - Tripoli
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Zumit Hotel*** - Tripoli
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Al Waddan Hotel***** Tripoli
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Al Fousul Al Arbaa Hotel (2) ** - Tripoli
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Safwa Hotel*** - Tripoli
SAFWA hotel is a First Class, 3 star hotel that has been uniquely designed in suites. It is located in the the old Italian quarter in the center of Tripoli.
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Radisson Blu Hotel***** Tripoli
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New hotel
Coming soon.
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New hotel
Coming soon.
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New hotel
Coming soon.
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New hotel
Coming soon.
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